The Story of Darkstorm 1993-2001

...and from the underworld He the beginning of the saga...His name has been given by Them - the gods of the Underworld. At first the spirits provided Him to a dark place called CASKET...Together, with other warriors of the new aeon the one began His Quest ... ...but the Ancient Ones summoned him from within his sleep and guided Him towards a new destiny. Now CASKET was forgotten...He was alone ...The Old Ones gave Him the name of DARKSTORM ... So it has begun... The goddness called Night ,was His Quest. Alone He traveled "INTO THE DEAD"(reh.93) in order to find answers which he seeked ...The Gods of the Empire , which once proudly rose beyond the place called by many as Earth , gave Him their support... Two spirits send to help... Darktherion and Nocturnal Slayer - the ones first to arise against the arch-enemies of The Elder Ones. This helped Lord Darkstorm in his journey deep in to "THE FOREST OF MAGIC RAIN"(prom.94), where no mortal creature has ever been . Only He has returned ... The Elder Ones told Darkstorm about the prophecy of the New Aeon , which will return the Earth to their possesion once again . Death was standing beyond , when Xanthax and Sorath were summoned by the One called as "The Great".Then , He had learned about the wonders of the upcomming era , while traveling to the dimension of "THE PAST FORGOTTEN" (demo 95) , where the days of the Empires glory were at stand - full of power , purity and might .From that day on his destiny was to return to the land of the black sun to find the tower of Death where time was born . Deep inside the dungeons of this tower lies "THE BLACK STONE"(mlp96) in which The arch-enemies of the Old Ones have sealed the key , which will unveal the spell , the spell opening the doors of the Oath ... The Oath that has become a prison for the rightful ruler of all mankind and of all Universe . He will awake from his sleep and tear down the walls of his prison - deep in the land of ice..... He shall arise and rule once more ... The Aeon has begun....


Today DARKSTORM released their new record "The Dark Wave"(under the name RAVENLORD DARKSTORM)in the following line up ;

-Lord Darkstorm - guitars and vocals

-Aboleth - drums and guitars

The new record is titled "The Dark Wave"and has been released in a special limited edition .

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